A Perfect Holiday in Aspen

When it comes to spending winter holidays, one place comes to mind- Aspen. But it is worthy to know that Aspen is also a beautiful destination even on summer. It can be a perfect place to bike, hike, or horseback. Newlyweds find Aspen a great place to go on a honeymoon. Because the place is touristy most of the time, there are so many lodging houses and hotels in the ski-resort.  

Once you visit Aspen, you cannot help but admire the grandeur and symmetry of Maroon Bells. The bell-shaped peaks tower more than 14,000 feet above the glacial Maroon Valley. It is still one of the most photographed mountains in the United States and houses some of the most spectacular views in the world.  There is a biodiversity of living creatures in Maroon Bells. Depending on its height from the ground, a tourist can enjoy vibrant wildflowers, lush Aspen trees, alpines, and can be greeted by both friendly and ferocious animals. 

Independence Pass or Hunter Pass is a high mountain pass that is still part of the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. It is 12,095 ft. above sea level and serves as a boundary between Pitkin and Lake counties. State Highway 82 is the name of the paved highway that traverses Independence Pass. It is the fourth highest paved highway in the US.  During wintertime, the road is unpassable, isolating Aspen from the east part of the region. On warmer weather, the pass is a popular destination where a tourist can enjoy a scenic view of the alpine tundra environment and the eastern part of Mount Elbert, Colorado’s highest summit. Independence Pass serves as the venue of the USA Pro Cycling Challenge since 2011.   

If you like a flower garden, don’t forget to visit the John Denver Sanctuary. It is located in the center of downtown Aspen, right after the Roaring Fork River. It houses the largest collection of a perennial flower garden in the world. John Denver Sanctuary has become even more beautiful after engraved rocks have been artistically placed around the area. On summer, the Theater Aspen located inside the park provides live stage entertainment to visitors. 

Last on the list is the T-Lazy-7 Ranch. This is a favorite spot for adventure seekers who visit Aspen since 1938. It is the gateway to Maroon Bells and has romantic views perfect for weddings. It became even more popular after serving as the location for the famous Marlboro commercial.   


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