About Us

Our online magazine is written by real estate professionals, for real estate professionals.

It was the brainchild of Realtor Katie Bruce, who thought there should be some more information available for real estate professionals.

Of course, our magazine – both online and in print – does more than just provide information. It is a contact point, between real estate professionals, to bring them together.

We regularly hold social evenings, where the aim is nothing more than to help people to meet each other and unwind!

We are constantly on the lookout for articles and pieces about the funny side of real estate life (yes, there is one) as well any general pieces giving hints and tips.

Because a lot of our readers work for themselves, this can sometimes be a very lonely environment for professional real estate agents.

Our online publication –and its sister printed version – acts as the reader’s friend and confident all in one.

We feature lifestyle advice about the work life balance and other issues that are relevant to our hard working real estate professionals.

Today, we are in our tenth year of publication and have more than quadrupled the circulation figure of our printed publication, since it first began in 2007.

And our website continues to go from strength to strength, being read by Realtors far and wide and way beyond the state lines it began in!

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