Real Estate Agent



Before you can sell any houses, you need to get trained!

How easy and fast your training is, depends on where you live.

For a resident of the state of Idaho, this could mean 90 hours studying. But it will vary.

Don’t forget, each real estate agency will have its own guidelines on what they would like to see for their staff.

Before plumping for a course, check to see what your own local requirements are and then aim to get qualified.


A broker will help you on your journey to becoming a real estate agent. You will probably be told to look for one, before you finish your course of study.

It might be an idea to ask your tutor for recommendations of brokers. But also, do your own research too.

What is the local reputation like of the person you are considering asking? Would their clients recommend them?

A good broker will answer questions for you and help you develop your talents.


Becoming a professional means becoming licensed. This costs at least $200, depending on where you live and should be included in your budget for training.

There is also an exam to be passed and more than likely, a criminal record check to be paid for as well – so remember things like this when doing your costing.


You are not really going to be able to start up as a real estate agent without a website.

And, this website also needs to load easily, be updated frequently and more than likely, come with its own (frequently updated) blog.

If this seems like a big task – don’t panic!

You can get hired help to make the site for you and also write regularly for it. But going it alone isn’t as tough as all that and is just a matter of setting aside some time, each day, to update and write it.


Ah! The easy part!

Once you are up and running, your first task is to look for customers. Naturally, this can be easier said than done.

We advise anyone starting out to think carefully about having an advertising budget. You might want to consider paid social advertisements on sites such as Facebook, for example.

There is also SEO marketing, which can help put your website to the top of the search engines.

Outside of social media, you may want to consider other ways of spreading the word about.

A simple old fashioned flyer through the door, could work well as a way of letting people in your locale know of your services.

Then there is simple, old fashioned word of mouth. Get your friends to tell their friends and family – remember to use your social media accounts too.

Before you know it, you will have your first customer!